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Additional Services & Add-Ons
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You can add these services to a full home cleaning or pick and choose each service by itself.

Dishes Washed  $15-$40

One load of dishes rinsed and put into dishwasher OR one loaded of dishes washed by hand

Oven Cleaned  $20-$65

(Inside with self-cleaning feature OR by hand)

Self Cleaning: After self-cleaning is complete, the inside of the oven will be completely wiped out and ashes removed

Bed linens Changed  $15 per bed

The clean linens must be placed out ahead of time and easily located

Windows Washed  $5 per window

(Inside only)

Windows will be washed up to about 8ft high.  Only the interior windows can be washed.  We do not clean any part of the exterior of the home 

Wood furniture & 

Woodwork Polished  $50-$150+

All woodwork will be polished using a  moisturizing wood oil including furniture, doors, door frames, door jams, cupboards, shelves, fronts of cabinets etc.  *this does not include wood flooring.  Price depends on house size and the amount of woodwork throughout the home.

General Home Organization & DeCluttering  (Call/Text For Price)

Closets, hanging clean clothes, pantry, kitchen cupboards, junk drawers, garage, basement, storage unit etc. We can help with any sort of organization that you need.

Laundry Washed  $25-$40

One load of laundry washed, dried, folded/hung in closet

Refrigerator Cleaned  $65

(Inside and Outside)

All items will be removed from the refrigerator, the shelves and drawers will be cleaned and disinfected, the items will be wiped down (if needed), and everything will be put back

Baseboards Washed  $40-$70+

Baseboards hand washed throughout the interior of the home

Kitchen Cabinets Cleaned  $50-$80+

(Inside and Outside)

Cabinets will be washed up to about 7ft high.  All items will be removed from the cabinets and wiped down, the shelves will be cleaned, and the items will be put back.

Organizing, Packing, Unpacking Moving Boxes (Call/Text for Price)

This service is strictly packing/unpacking boxes and organization.  We don't move furniture, appliances, or any other large or heavy items.  

Basement or Garage Cleaned and/or Organized  (Call/Text for Price)

These areas are not a part of our standard cleaning service but can be added on or done independently

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