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Not Included In Our Service

There are some things that require specialized equipment, professional certifications, and/or specific training that we do not do at this time.  If you have something that you would like to see available in the future, feel free to let us know.  There are also some things we can not do for health, safety and/or insurance reasons.  There are somethings we do not touch or clean because they are fragile and can be accidentally broken or damaged very easily.  The items below will not be performed and are not included in any of the services we provide.


We Do Not:

  • ​Clean or remove hazardous materials or substances, medical waste, pet waste (we do not clean cat litter boxes), bodily fluids, vomit, blood, syringes/needles, black mold, asbestos, lead paint etc.

  • Clean any part of the home if there are pests present in the home or evidence of pests** 

  • Move large or heavy furniture to clean underneath or behind

  • Move or rearrange large or heavy furniture for home organization

  • Move large appliances (ex. refrigerator, washer/dryer)

  • Clean any part of the exterior of the home (ex. exterior windows or walkways)

  • Dust, clean, or touch aluminum mini blinds

  • Treat, shampoo, or remove stains from carpets

  • Restore or treat damaged wood flooring

  • Clean or wet wipe TV screens or other electronics screens

  • Clean inside of fireplace, chimney or remove ash/wood from fireplace

  • Remove or haul trash, furniture, appliances, mattresses etc. off property

**Important Notice About Pests in the Home:  If you know or have any reason to believe that you may have pests in your home, you need to contact a professional pest control specialist to inspect your home and completely remove the infestation prior to calling us for service.  If you are scheduled for recurring cleanings and you discover pests or evidence of pests in your home, you need to let us know immediately, before your next cleaning service.  This is necessary to protect and ensure the safety, heath, and well-being of all of our clients and cleaners, We absolutely will not clean a home if there are pests present or evidence of pests (evidence will be determined by us).  If during a cleaning, we discover roaches, bed bugs, or other pests that might pose a danger to ourselves and/or our other clients, (or evidence of those pests) the service will be immediately stopped and we will leave the home without completing your cleaning.  The assumption will be, as the home owner or home renter, living at the home (whichever has contracted us to clean the residence), that you should have been aware of the presence of pests.  You will be required to pay the total price or total estimated price of the cleaning without your cleaning being completed.  You will also be required to pay an additional sanitization fee of $50 for each cleaner that was cleaning your home during the visit when the pests or evidence of pests were discovered.  Roaches are happy to crawl into bags of cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, and clothing to come with us to to our cars, the next house, and our own homes.  All of the items we came with will need to be checked, cleaned, disinfected and in some cases thrown away before we can get into our cars to leave,  The sanitization fee will be used to make sure that everything is properly cleaned or replaced if necessary and to mitigate the cost of precautionary measures and other damages caused by you not informing us about the pests in your home.  If you have found or think you may have found pest(s) in your home and you are unsure or have questions about what is considered a pest, please ask us as soon as you find the insect(s) or animal(s) in question.  We are happy to provide clarification.

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