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About the Owner

Hi, My name is Andrea.  I am the owner of Bubbles & Broomsticks Cleaning Co.  I have lived in Colorado Springs for more than 25 years and I've raised my children here.  Having a safe, clean, and comfortable home for my family has always been important to me.  Being a busy single mom of 3 active children, I haven't always had the time or the energy to maintain my home the way I would like.   I started cleaning as an independent contractor and realized it was something I was skilled at and could enjoy.  Plus I've been doing it informally for 25 years. 


The work is relaxing and fun and I love being able to be active throughout the day. I love walking in to a bathroom covered in hardwater stains and calcium and finding the perfect cleaners to make that bathroom sparkle.  I enjoy helping people find solutions to make their lives easier. 


In August of 2021, I made the decision to start my business and get my LLC.  One of my favorite parts of the job is doing walkthroughs with clients.  I really enjoy getting to know my clients and their families and how I can help and  support them in their lives so they can be happy and do the things they really love. 






Knowing my home is clean, safe, and comfortable for my family is important to me.  Being a busy single mom with energetic little ones I didn't always have the time or the energy to maintain my home the way that I would have liked.  





If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I am here to help.


Bubbles & Broomsticks Cleaning Co ltd. is a Limited Liability Company and is licensed to practice business in the state of Colorado.

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